Camera Obscura

Humans are a fascinating species. The concept of “hacking” machines to do things outside of their designed intent often gets a bad rap these days, but its a behavior that has always accompanied our progressions and often leads to our greatest discoveries. I stumbled on a batch of cinema effects directors were using to produce interesting content before they had even mastered adding sound to their films. 

“Famed cinematographer Charles Rosher achieved the effect of having Pickford move behind her own face by having a very detailed silhouette of Pickford painted on glass, and using a metal frame that prevented the camera from moving. The three-second shot took 15 hours of work to get right.”

That’s a labor of love. This lead me to discover this incredible collection of mind bending photography with some of these photos being made less than 20 years after the first cameras were being manufactured and decades before the concept of film.