Double Standards Go Both Ways

“According to Laura Widman, lead author of the review study and an assistant professor of psychology at North Carolina State University, “parents tend to talk about sex more with daughters than with sons, and we can speculate that that’s what’s probably driving these findings. Boys may not get the messages as frequently or have the kind of in-depth conversations that parents are having with girls.”
Given the results of her research, Dr. Widman said that she ‘wouldn’t want parents to get the idea that they only need to talk to daughters. In fact, it may be the opposite. We need to find a way to help parents do a better job of communicating with both their sons and daughters so that all teens are making safer sexual decisions.’”

May be the opposite? Everyone jokes that men think way more about sex then women, and that adolescent boys are all sexually frustrated people. Meanwhile, women are sexually preyed upon in every manner imaginable and any amount of anonymity only makes it staggeringly worse. 

Why are we under the impression that men are in any way prepared to deal with the onslaught of emotions and desires they are about to be confronted with? Why is it reasonable to think that boys would require fewer conversations about sex?

What’s crazy is this is an area where both sides of the “abstinence education” would agree. No one wants these boys molesting people, and these boys just grow up to be men molesting people. Start talking to your teenage boy about sex, frequently. If it makes him super uncomfortable thats almost certainly a really good thing.