Booing a Hero

Nice deep dive into why Oklahomans got so attached to Kevin Durant.

Disaster strikes the state again in May 2013. A massive EF5 tornado ravages the town of Moore, a suburb of OKC, killing 24, injuring 377 and destroying entire neighborhoods.
Durant’s foundation announces a $1 million donation to aid the relief effort. The Thunder organization matches. So does Nike. Two days later, Durant tours the wreckage. One of the iconic photos from the tragedy is of a blue Durant jersey hanging from a tree branch, above the wreckage, as citizens emerge to begin the recovery.
“I love the state of Oklahoma so much,” Durant said at the time. “For this to hit so close to home, I want to do all I can to help.”
The Thunder’s arrival boosts an already thriving economy. People flood downtown on game nights. New restaurants pop up everywhere. The population spikes past 600-thousand. They are now the country’s 27th most populated city.

There’s a lot in this article, but if it makes one thing clear, its that Durant helped dramatically revitalize the city, and poured his heart and soul into the entire state. He was never required to do any of that, and he certainly didn’t need to drop a million dollars in aid, leading to $2 million more being donated by his sponsors. I've already spilled enough ink discussing how he had every right to consider his legacy and as a free agent look to where he could have the most fun and be most likely to win the titles necessary to cement his legacy as one of the best players of all time. 

There is NO reason fans should be booing this man on Saturday. Hell, as a direct result of his decision, the fans have been treated to arguably the most entertaining performance by an individual in the history of sports. Seattle straight up had these players taken away, and when he showed up for a pickup game, this is the reaction he got. Anyone booing this man should be ashamed.