Trouble with Guns

Somehow had missed this website existed and wanted to share it along. It posted a very sobering tweet a couple days ago about about gun violence in the past 72 hours. Very interesting looking at the maps and comparing them to a map of population density. There might be a bit of a of a preponderance of the these incidents occurring in the south, but it’s crazy how close these incidents track to where people live. 

People love to preach about how gun safety allows them to be around guns all the time and no one gets hurt. These maps show a bit of a different story, the more guns per capita, the more deaths by guns per capita. There's certainly outliers, but these maps have a show quite a bit of correlation.

Similar to traffic accidents, the more people around you that have cars, the more likely you are going to die at the wheels of one. This chart show that when you look at purely how many deaths occur per 100 million miles driven, the variance between all the states is from .63 in Minnesota to 1.5 in Alaska, less than 1 death per 100 million miles. Clearly, as much as we like to blame individual factors, the number of miles driven is the most accurate indicator of the number of fatalities.

We’re going to look back in 10-20 years as automated cars become more common and marvel that all the loss (35,092 deaths in 2015) we dealt with and money (2010 estimate of $836 billion) we sunk into transporting ourselves. Is there any chance a solution is coming to our gun problem to allow us to look back retrospectively in shock?