You Are Not Your Own Doctor

The findings, published in the journal Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease, suggest that taking antibiotics while abroad may be far more dangerous than most travelers know. After all, it’s common for world explorers to preemptively pack antibiotics, such as ciprofloxacin, for common ailments, like travelers diarrhea, the authors note.
But the findings make a lot of sense, the authors argue. “Antibiotics appear to play three vicious tricks on travelers,” they conclude:
"Firstly, they disrupt intestinal colonization resistance and make space for newcomers; secondly, they only favor colonization by bacteria resistant to the antibiotic taken; and last but not least, [because] resistant bacteria [tend] to be co-resistant to other antibiotics, users end up selecting the most resistant bacteria from the surroundings."

Last year the FDA finally banned a large portion of the chemicals used in antibacterial soaps from being used in over the counter soaps. Unfortunately, I’m not sure many people even heard about this happening. This is a major issue, if you are not in a hospital or being prescribed antibiotics by your physician, DO NOT USE antibiotics. If you are prescribed them, complete the whole dosage, whether or not your symptoms persist. We absolutely need antibiotics to work in our quest to promote human longevity and if we want them to work we need to stop abusing them immediately.