A Video for the Gods

Just a stunningly gorgeous video of Jupiter. Interestingly, despite the fact that the Juno probe is currently orbiting and photographing the planet all of the photos used were taken from earth.

Among other items discussed was the limitations that missions like Juno have to deal with. While it is capable of taking very-high resolution images of Jupiter, these images are highly specific in nature. And before a team of mission scientists are able to color-correct them and stitch them together to create panoramas, etc., they are not always what you might call “visually stunning”.
However, Earth-based observatories are not hampered by this restriction, and can take multiple images of a planet over time that capture it as a whole. And thanks to the availability of sophisticated telescopes and imaging software, amateur astronomers are capable of making important contributions in this regard. And far from these being strictly for scientific purposes, there is also the added benefit of public engagement.
“This has been a very technical and scientifically correct project,” said Rosen, “but as a photographer and digital artist I also wanted to create a work of art that would inspire and appeal to people who are fascinated by the universe but who are not necessarily into astronomy.”

I’ve never seen how the weather patterns are so vividly expressed in the bands. I had no idea they each had such dramatically different circulation speeds and its mesmerizing to watch portrayed in this video. It only took a million snapshots to stitch together the 560 images used for the video, so its unclear why no one else undertook this voluntary hobby. Talk about a labor of love.