Welcome Ryzen

Ryzen is here. AMD said Wednesday that it plans a “hard launch” of its first three Ryzen processors on March 2. The highly anticipated chips promise to outperform high-end parts from Intel and undercut their prices by as much as 54 percent. 
AMD executives confidently unveiled the first three desktop chips to attack Intel’s Core i7, supported by several top-tier motherboard vendors and boutique system builders. In many cases, executives said, AMD will offer more for less, as early Ryzen benchmarks prove. The top-tier Ryzen 7 1800X will cost less than half of what Intel’s thousand-dollar Core i7-6900K chip does—and outperform it, too. You can preorder Ryzen chips and systems from 180 retailers and system integrators today.

I have been very frustrated with Intel as of late. It hasn’t come up too much on this site yet, but I’m sure, it will. No company desperately needs some competition to push it out of its malaise quite like Intel. Fortunately, between this, ARM Chromebooks, and Intel’s complete lack of presence in mobile, the competition is finally here. Good luck AMD, I hope these processors are as good as advertised.