When Sports Matter

It was impossible to miss the billboards. They were everywhere, staring down from the tallest buildings and keeping a close watch over NBA All-Star Weekend. The message they delivered by way of Nike was simple — that of equality — but the implications were vast and far-reaching.
That we were here and not in Charlotte stood as verifiable proof that the NBA has chosen to take a stand on a social issue. The league had pulled out of North Carolina following the state’s passage of HB2, a discriminatory statute that commissioner Adam Silver said ran counter to the NBA’s values of inclusion and tolerance.

So pleased with the NBA for taking this stand. While the decision was made long ago, for an organization as large as the NBA to change course and move the location of the All Star game over the NC bill which put bizarre restrictions on people being allowed to use the washroom is absolutely a huge deal in our current political climate.

Disappointed that their weren't more articles written about this to remind people who weren't actually at the All Star game that the entire weekend represented freedom and acceptance.