Buzzing on Buzzwords

The Economist wrote a thing today and its unclear what was happening in that office:

Many millennial women seek a mate who is creative, charitable and earns enough not to live with his parents. The millionaire founder of a startup that makes an app to teach yoga to orphans would be ideal. As a token of his commitment, a suitor might offer the object of his affections 51% of his shares—so much nicer than a joint bank account. Less eligible men could offer instead to link Uber accounts, thus entwining the couple’s reputations: their joint five-star rating would be at risk if either misbehaved. Uber-linking would also allow each to keep track of the other’s whereabouts, discouraging infidelity. Whatever ultimately replaces diamonds, it will surely be digital, not worn on a digit.

What is going on in that paragraph? Its like a bunch of buzzwords got drunk together and took a group picture.

Back on earth, here’s a graph of diamond demand from 2005 to the present as well as the current predictions for the market through 2020.