When Cars Fly

Writing for Autoblog, John McElroy provides today’s Oaf (Opinion as Fact):

Up until very recently the talk in Silicon Valley was about how the tech industry was going to broom Detroit into the dustbin of history. Companies such as Apple, Google, and Uber - so the thinking went -were going to out run, out gun, and out innovate the automakers. Today that talk is starting to fade. There's a dawning realization that maybe there's a good reason why the traditional car companies have been around for more than a century.

His conclusion:

So the race to make autonomous cars is over and the traditional car companies still get to control who makes cars. But the race to control the data from those cars is just getting going. It's a brand new marketplace that will play to the strengths of Silicon Valley as the car companies lay their plans to grab what they can get.

Oh wow, I didn’t realize you owned an autonomous car. In fact, I had no idea that a majority of cars being driven today were autonomous.

The autonomous car war is going to happen, at the earliest, in the 2020s. News flash, no one has won a single battle, let alone the entire war. Traditional car makers may well end up on top, but crowning a winner today is just fan fiction.