Mothers Are Just a Host

Abortion has been a controversial topic for years. Some approve and others don’t. It’s a mostly even split. That aside, it is almost always the woman’s choice whether she gets an abortion or not. Now in Oklahoma, that isn’t the case. A new bill has been passed in the committee that requires women to get written permission from the father of the child before an abortion can be carried out.
“I understand that they feel like that is their body … I feel like it is a separate — what I call them is, is you’re a host. And you know when you enter into a relationship you’re going to be that host and so, you know … take all precautions and don’t get pregnant. … After you’re irresponsible then don’t claim, well, I can just go and do this with another body, when you’re the host and you invited that in.”

This might be the most offensive way I’ve ever seen someone discuss pregnancy. Hopefully Justin Humphrey remembers to send a thank you note to his "host" for mothers day.