Whither the Mid Range Game

One of the new theories in basketball is that mid range jumpers are far and away the least efficient shots in the game as you only get 2 points and they are lower percentage shots than ones taken in the lane. The Houston Rockets have gone all in on this philosophy attempting an average of 40 three pointers a game, out of a total of 87 shots a game. The next closest team is at 33 a game. Last year the GS Warriors lead the league with 31 attempted per game, which was already a huge jump from all previous years that the leading team would be in the mid 20s.

A reddit user noticed today that DeMar DeRozan has attempted more mid range shots (571) as an individual than the Rockets (468) have as a team. This is even more impressive when you consider that the Rockets have played 61 games this season and DeRozan has only played in 53 games so far. The site is weird and wont let me link specifically to the shot charts for DeRozan and Houston, but if you do look at Houston’s shot chart, they’ve attempted so few midrange shots (468 out of 5305) that the graph straight up doesn’t even bother to show a heat map for any shots attempted between the paint and the three point line.