Apple Acquires Workflow

Despite Apple announcing new hardware this week, the most exciting news is almost certainly this little nugget by Mathew Panzarino.

Apple has finalized a deal to acquire Workflow today — a tool that lets you hook together apps and functions within apps in strings of commands to automate tasks. We’ve been tracking this one for a while but were able to confirm just now that the ink on the deal is drying as we speak.

Apple is apparently keeping the app in the App Store and making it free. Its an absolutely terrific app for iOS power users, allowing users to create powerful event chains that are not dissimilar to scripting on MacOS. Workflow can take a mundane series of events, such as applying a series of edits and filters to a photograph, and perform them all automatically after a single user command so the user isn't forced to do each step. If you are at all interested, definitely check out these incredible write-ups by Federico Viticci.

We can only dream about how much more powerful and accessible these guys will be able to make these solutions with native access to the operating system. Seems like an excellent talent acquisition and is a nice follow up to their quality hire on the security front last week.