Uber Makes Use of Co-Pilot

Uber cannot buy good news. Stats are coming out about their autonomous driving software and the experience of being a "passenger" sounds pretty frustrating. 

The cars have also had more “bad experiences” during the week ending on March 8 than in January. The miles driven between things like auto-detected hard decelerations or abrupt car jerks and movement has dropped from more than four miles in January to less than two miles as of last week.
In other words, cars only went an average of two miles without some sort of sudden movement or otherwise bad experience. These incidents have less to do with safety and more to do with the total rider experience and how smoothly the car is able to drive itself. Still.
In another document that specifically analyzed cars in Arizona, Uber’s self-driving team wrote that the rider experience in one part of the state, Scottsdale Road, was “not great.” The cars only drove 0.67 miles between interventions and two miles between so-called bad events.