You Have to Spend Money

Amazon is spending big money in the battle for original content.

the Seattle-based e-commerce giant is set to spend $4.5 billion on video content this year. While that is still $1.5 billion shy of the $6 billion that market leader Netflix is planning to shell out this year, it is still a pretty clear statement of intent on Amazon’s part.
Ever since then, the company has quickly expanded its original content library, including hit shows such as “The Man in the High Castle”, “The Grand Tour” and “Transparent”.

Hit shows? Sure, keep telling yourself that. Here's the thing, as the graph from the article shows, Netflix had already produced the first season of "House of Cards", "Orange Is the New Black" and the fourth season of "Arrested Development" in 2013 when they were spending a mere 1.5 billion.

I've simply seen nothing from Amazon that leads me to believe they will excel in the content production business. Maybe they'll have their "Stranger Things" soon and it'll work out, but at the moment it feels like at best they are the broadcast cable to network television in the 90s, let alone HBO. Producing good content certainly costs a lot of money, but throwing a lot of money at something does not make it entertaining.

Netflix and HBO have a pretty good thing going on these days, and they aren't actively avoiding getting their product in front of customers.