Grading on a Curve

Great article by a physics professor breaking down three standards methods of grading students.

My students often ask, “Are you going to grade on a curve?” I suspect they’re really asking, “Will you add points to everyone’s grade?” Grading on the curve doesn’t mean adding points. It means adjusting the grades so the overall results follow a normal distribution. Although I don’t grade on a curve, I’ve always thought it would be fun to do so with simple test. I think students would freak out if they scored 91 out of 100 and earned a C.
On second thought, maybe that isn’t a good idea.

That last line is the only spot on the article where we disagree. I can think of no better way to have students understand the concept of statistics than to have the entire class experience being graded on a curve for an easy test. Obviously, the test shouldn't factor too strongly into their final grade, but putting these concepts into the real world is exactly how you make a long term impression.