What Rinse Cycle Is Best for Electronics?

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop — ugh, that name — is one of the more interesting device announcements we’ve seen so far in 2017. It’s a mid-range notebook with a stripped-down operating system designed with simplicity in mind, and carries a not-quite-budget price of $999. It also happens to have an interior adorned with fabric. How luxurious! Unfortunately for Microsoft, there’s a really, really good reason why fabric and electronics don’t usually mingle: humans are gross.

This marks the first time the Surface line has released a product without a specific hardware novelty. It's good to see Microsoft fleshing out the lineup. If this device is successful it could have enormous potential for the companies future. The price point is a tad steep for the hardware, especially compared to commodity PCs, so purchasers are certainly going to want the product to hold its value.

That greasy, grimy, oddly brown object you see in the photo above is the Surface Pro 4 “Signature Type Cover,” which also happens to be covered in Alcantara fabric. The photo was posted to Reddit a number of months ago, with the owner of the device begging for advice on how to clean it.
Similar threads can be found on Microsoft forums and other places around the web. Fellow owners often empathize and share their own dirty-keyboard woes, claiming that they’ve resorted to everything from microfiber clothes, alcohol-soaked rags and vacuums (???) to “unscented baby wipes.” The percentage of success seems to be about fifty-fifty with any given method.