Harry Potter Killed Our Hero

But it wasn’t enough, and reports began emerging that the author-controlled NPC had been killed. Worse, Salomé appeared to have been killed not by one of the player groups that had pledged to take her down, but instead by a member of PAC who was supposed to have been protecting her. The community exploded with speculation about what had happened, even as Wagar confirmed via Twitter that Salomé was indeed dead.
Videos were quickly posted of the attack on Salomé. Was it an alpha strike by a fleet of dedicated combatants? A stealthy sneak attack? Aliens, perhaps?
Turns out it was an inside job—and a wizard did it. A very bad space wizard named Cmdr Harry Potter.

I've talked a lot about the future of VR/AR on this website and my podcast. If you haven't heard of it, Elite: Dangerous provides some awesome examples of what the future holds for humanity as we move to a world where hundreds of thousands of people will be able to interact simultaneously with each other in virtual environments. If you are curious what the future of storytelling can look like, I highly recommend you read this linked article. Also, go back and read up on some of the awesome tales from the Eve universe.