I Bought This Before, Take My Money

Note: The Nokia 3310 has sold out across the UK, despite our hard-hitting negative review. Nostalgia is a powerful thing, clearly. Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone are both listing "1 to 2 weeks" for the Nokia 3310 to be restocked.

Amusingly, or perhaps depressingly, Carphone Warehouse said there was "10 times more pre-registration interest for the Nokia 3310 than any other flagship devices out of MWC in the retailer's history."

It might be a bad sign when an objectively bad product is an order of magnitude more popular than any flagship device simply out of nostalgia. Our movies feel more and more like clip shows of previous cinematic marvels, South Park devoted an entire season to documenting how insidious this phenomenon has become. Our obsession with repurchasing the past is a dangerous game.

Whatever, it's still criminal how few NES classics were produced.