Welcoming Wearables

Fascinating look into the popularity of Apple's expanding product line of wearables (which the Neil Cybart defines as Apple Watch, AirPods and Beats powered by the W1 chips) and comparing them in aggregate to the growth curve of previous product lines. 

With 3rd parties finding 97% and 98% customer satisfaction rating for the Apple Watch and AirPods respectively, it shouldn't be too surprising that these products are selling comparable units to the first few years of iPhones. 

The big news in some circles was that several major apps decided to abandon their Apple Watch apps, and on the surface it can look like this is a bad sign for the platform. Plenty of members of the Apple media circle have already dissected why this is an indication that the platform is only just starting to have any maturity and is still likely in the toddler stage of its development.

The first graph also puts into perspective why the iPad has been able to decline in sales YoY for a couple years straight and yet still is such a huge market for the company and in comparison to other PC manufactures. The first two years of iPad sales are simply totally incomparable to any product launched in history.