Net Neutrality Déjà-Vu

John Oliver is back at it again, giving the proper enthusiasm to a subject as exceedingly boring and opaque as it is important, net neutrality. 

To recap, internet providers have been required to treat all websites equally, preventing the telcos from auctioning off delivery speeds to content providers like Netflix or Uber, or from blacklisting companies\services for competitive advantages. This came up years ago in 2014 and the public rallied making it exceedingly clear to the FCC that this is a widely accepted desire of the American populous.

The FCC started to enforce the net neutrality restrictions as demanded by the people and corporations of America. Verizon's response was to sue saying the FCC didn't have the proper authority to enforce this widely accepted desire of their corporate and consumer level customers. 

Verizon won, sort of, as the courts agreed there are two categories adorably named Title 1 and Title 2. The FCC was free to categorize the telcos as Title 2 so it seemed to be a frivolous victory. Verizon was going to need to work within the confines of the system desired by their customers.

Verizon responded in this game of cat and mouse by simply becoming the cat and the mouse. The new FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, earned his qualifications for his current job by being the associate general counsel for Verizon, effectively the chief of Verizon's legal arm. In a surprise to no one, Pai has made it clear that he feels that his new job should not have these powers of authority over his old job at Verizon. Verizon should be free to ignore their customers.

So once again, we're back to begging the FCC to not ignore their constituents. As you can see in John Oliver's video, the FCC has made this process as convoluted as possible. In fact, in response to John Oliver purchasing, the FCC simply made the page that he linked to require you to jump through the same hoops his link was supposed to cut out, forcing the user to search for the obscure number 17-108, only then be presented with the appropriately named: Restoring Internet Freedom. 

I can't verify if this is true for everyone, but from my mobile devices I was unable to complete the form as it would not let me select my state. Classy.

This is out and out corruption with a small contingency of companies blatantly trying to rewrite the rules to give them undesirable advantages. Please let your voice be heard, again, by following the link

That said, this situation exemplifies the hollow victories that were so many of the most positives from the Obama administration. Due to the fact that neither the legislative or executive branches were involved in these decisions, these executive orders can simply be re-appropriated by every single executive branch. That is not how the rights of the people are protected.