Off-duty St. Louis Cop Shot By Officer When Assisting

A 38-year-old, black off-duty cop was shot by a white officer Wednesday after he reportedly offered to assist police who were involved in a chase, Fox News reported. Neither of the officers' names have been released.
When the off-duty cop approached, he was initially confronted by two uniformed officers who ordered him to the ground. However, shortly after their exchange, both of the uniformed officers recognized the officer and instructed him to walk toward them, according to a St. Louis Police Department report of the incident. Then a third uniformed officer approached and fired rounds at the off-duty cop. That officer, a 36-year-old who has been on the force for eight years, did not recognize the man when he mistakenly shot the off-duty cop, an 11-year veteran of the force. The officer is listed as in good condition.

The situation of the black off-duty cop being shot when coming to assist is tragic. The best news is that he is ok. If you watch the police cam video, it scares me that what transpired before the off-duty cop arrived is not getting equal attention for how it was handled. The sad thing is this is just an ordinary traffic stop if the off-duty cop doesn't get involved.