Living in a Glass House

Matt Honan of Buzzfeed reviews his new Amazon Echo and its an interesting read, but this is absurd.

It has this wild new feature called Drop In. Drop In lets you give people permission to automatically connect with your device. Here’s how it works. Let’s say my father has activated Drop In for me on his Echo Show. All I have to do is say, “Alexa, drop in on Dad.” It then turns on the microphone and camera on my father’s device and starts broadcasting that to me. For the several seconds of the call, my father’s video screen would appear fogged over. But then there he’ll be. And to be clear: This happens even if he doesn’t answer. Unless he declines the call, audibly or by tapping on the screen, it goes through. It just starts. Hello, you look nice today.
Honestly, I haven’t figured out what to think about this yet. But it’s here.

You don't know what to think of this?!? The whole concept of a home is that you have a space where you can define when other people have access. This product violates the very premise of a door.

Also, notice all the marketing photos show this product face on, there's a reason for that.