Sponsorship Opportunties

Would you like to have your product or service promoted by Old News or That Old Pod? With a decade of sales experience, there are few better opportunities to have someone provide clear and concise reasoning why your product or service will change lives. Sponsorships are offered on a weekly basis. Each sponsor of the Old News website will be posted twice per week. The first time will be a relatively brief post highlighting the sponsor. The second post will be longer and will be personalized to fit your product or service. Sponsors for That Old Pod will get a couple minutes of dedicated air time where Lucio discusses the merits and values generated by your product. There are two slots available for podcast sponsors each week.

As Old News is currently just getting off the ground, pricing is extremely flexible. This page will be updated as rates become standardized. While currently the audience is small, Old News subscribers tend to be thoughtful and drawn to well designed goods and services.