What Dreams May Come with Special Guest Cillian Dwyer

Special guest Cillian Dwyer returns to That Old Pod to share his thoughts on this week's WWDC conference. Conversation dives into how Apple's announcement positions them relative to their competitors, what surprised us, and how we see the tools and advancements announced this week impacting the future. Longer discussion around the impacts of Apple joining the AR/VR revolution.

Show Notes:

What is WWDC 2017?

Watch Apple’s 2017 WWDC Keynote which is the basis of today’s conversation, watching this first will drastically improve the listening experience

Google has their own version every year called Google I/O and its held each year in late May

Microsoft's conference is named Microsoft Build which is generally held in early May each year

A seasoned Apple Developer commenting on the relaxed atmosphere of WWDC being held in San Jose

TV and tvOS

Amazon Prime tvOS app announcement

Here’s Apple’s product page for watchOS 4

Apple has opened up the future of Bluetooth accessories working directly with Watch

What is NFC?

Apple is opening up NFC to developers in iOS 11, which has been a subject of some contention

Watch satisfaction rates are through the roof, consistent across all the companies wearables

Potential glucose monitoring for Watch

Apple Watch health measurement’s accuracy is best in class

Watch compared to proper chest monitors

Watch distance calculation is best in class

Apple allowing gym equipment providers to directly sync with Watch

Customers call using Pay on the watch a magical experience

watchOS 2 to 3 was a major overhaul of the user experience

Recent comparison studies into Siri’s accuracy have shown room for improvement, although the results are fairly inconsistent

Siri speaks 21 languages and 36 localizations, Cortana speaks 8, Google Assistant 4 and Alexa is merely bilingual

You can read Apple’s privacy page which does a terrific job of explaining how Apple prioritizes your privacy; the section on Siri has yet to be updated for iOS 11 where your device will sync the Siri data with each other, but that data will not be available to Apple; the best way I’ve seen this described was Horace Dediu who framed it that “Siri knows you, Apple does not”

Siri’s learned behaviors are synced between your devices with iCloud in iOS 11

The Wall Street Journal’s recent hit piece on Siri has garnered lots of attention recently, I felt the sourcing was pretty light for such a heavy tone, and it looks like I’m not the only one

Understanding extensions, released with iOS 8 in 2014, possibly one of the most underused power features of iOS

Extensions allow the user to pass data between apps, something Android has allowed in a far less elegant form I believe since 2008 when the OS first launched, but certainly since 2009 when Cupcake added support for widgets 

I’ve shared my thoughts before on Android Wear 2.0’s adoption of cell radio support

Apple announces MacOS High Sierra

What is Apple File System (APFS)?

Many of the features of APFS such as full disk encryption and modern concepts such as snapshots and clones will theoretically allow Apple to provide drastically better solutions for system wide file encryption than File Vault, or system wide backup with Time Machine

What is this ZFS Lucio speaks of?

Remembering Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

ZFS support stripped from Snow Leopard

What is HFS+

John Siracusa changed my life with these elegant write ups of file systems and backup solutions

Apple to enforce 2FA as mandatory in iOS 11

What is 2FA for Apple accounts?

Mac OS Sierra and iOS 11 support HEVC, what is it?

Apple announces Metal 2

What is an eGPU?

What is DirectX?

Many windows machines powered by DirectX 11, but all machines running Windows 10 are powered by DirectX 12

I had trouble finding the exact article Cillian was quoting to compare frame rates of World of Warcraft in Mac OS Sierra and Windows 10, but apparently performance in metal is terrific

Xamarin enables development of iPhone apps on Windows without a Mac

New iMacs announced

Nvidia explains why GPUs are so important for tasks such as augmented reality/virtual reality/mixed reality/machine learning/neural networks

Apple finally making desktop caliber video cards standard in all its 4k and 5k iMacs with the Radeon Pro 500 series

How does Radeon 580 Pro compare with Nvidea GTX 1080?

AMD and it’s new Radeon Vega line

John Knoll, co-developed Photoshop with his brother and later started Industrial Light and Magic which has produced such movies as The Abyss, Pirates of the Caribbean, Speed Racer, Avatar, Hugo and all the modern Star Wars movies among many others

Industrial Light and Magic (ILM)

Cost of a graphics cards

Apple stuns the world with the iMac Pro

Cost of iMac Pro is stunningly low

Apple’s 5k displays are getting ridiculous

Affinity Photo app

Affinity Photo demo

Cost of a last generation 8-core Xeon processor ranges from around $400 - $900

What is ECC RAM?

what is a teraflop?

22 Teraflops is 4x more powerful than the Xbox Microsoft has teased releasing sometime this year codenamed Scorpio

Microsoft Surface Studio

AppleCare+ for Mac

Macbook can now be configured with Intel’s i5 and i7 kaby lake chips

Are these processors custom Intel parts? I can’t find it listed anywhere

Kaby Lake

iOS memory management

16GB ram limit for Macbook Pros

Apple’s official dev kit for eGPU

The Talk Show goes live with Craig Federighi andPhil Schiller

HTC Vive

Final Cut Pro X

iOS 11 preview

New App Store design aesthetic

What is Aqua?

Here’s a terrific history on the evolution of the Mac’s user interface design

iTunes design evolution on the Mac

Apple Music design has set the standard we are now seeing everywhere

There are currently around 2.2 million apps available in the App Store

Netflix prediction algorithms are gaining notoriety

Netflix paralysis is being used to study human’s response to overwhelming options

What is dogfooding?

iMessage sync with iCloud and the new iMessage App drawer

Apple Pay with person to person payments in iOS 11

Square provides a fantastic user experience

Split view has been an option on the iPhone since the launch of iPhone 6 and iOS 9, provided you are not in zoomed mode

Control center is redesigned to one page and is now customizable

What is jailbreaking?

All about Notification Center

A nice comprehensive look at all the design changes in iOS 11

Airplay 2 and it’s support for multiple rooms

What is a QR code?

The iPhone camera app is now a basic QR code reader

When guests are attempting to join your wifi network, iOS 11 will prompt you to provide your wifi password

Apple adds indoor maps for airports and malls

Apple Maps gaining lane guidance and a specialized automatic Do Not Disturb Mode


Sherlocking is a reference to an Operating System (OS) taking a third party app’s functionality and making it part of the native system, thus destroying the app’s market viability, R.I.P Sherlock

1Password showing off their new iPad experience

iCloud keychain works within apps in iOS 11

OS level integration of Facebook and Twitter was introduced in iOS 6, now removed

What is iCloud keychain and how do I use it?

Two step verification with Apple, which is different from 2FA

What is Authty?

Hacking with fan noise

What is an air gapped computer?

The myth of security by obscurity

Music starts with workouts on watchOS 4

Apple and silence is a dangerous combo

This is the biggest you can see album art in iTunes 12

Lots of wasted space in Apple Music, look how small those navigation letters are!

New iPad Pro, including new 10.5” screen size

OG iPad

iPhone upgrade program

iPad Pro 12.9” offers 2732 x 2048 which is 5,595,136 at a density of 264 pixels per inch; the 15” MacBook Pro offers 2880 x 1800which is 5,184,000 pixels (about 2% more) with a density of 220 PPI

Understanding ProMotion and the variable refresh rate display

Battery testing difficulties

iPad Pro performance improvements

Previous gen iPad performance was already astounding

Apple launches ARKit, a tool to allow developers to make augmented reality apps

Microsoft HoloLens is available today, but as this picture shows the limitations are still severe

ARKit demos are already absolutely mind boggling, remember these are being made by people on their iPhones and iPads less than 4 days after the tool launched while all of these people have been busy at the conference it was announced at (i.e., no free time)

Understanding the new Depth API

Maui Jim sunglasses

Platforms State of the Union Keynote

ARKit supports all A9 and A10 devices

Palm rejection

This drag and drop demo from 3-5 minutes is absolutely stunning

What are permissions?

A10X SoC with 3x performance cores, 3x efficiency cores and a 12 core GPU

Apple announces the HomePod 

Apple Music


Spotify collaborative playlists

What is Chiptune?

Reviews of quality of sound for the HomePod are very positive

Ben Bajarin, Lucio butchers last names

HomePod spatial awareness

iPod HiFi

Lucio always assumes “late in the year” means the 2nd week in December, thus he is basically guaranteed to be correct or pleasantly surprised

Sonos Play 3

A8 processor in the HomePod, same as the current AppleTV

HomePod does have a display, and according to Neil Cybart it’s the whole top, not the Siri waveform

Magic Leap

Microsoft Satya Nadella, again, Lucio butchers last names

Lucio and Cillian have discussed in much further depth on the topics of AR/VR here and on AMD here and here

Thanks for listening! Lucio will be posting a written form of his WWDC impressions as soon as he can finish it.

Continuing That Train of Thought with Special Guest Mike Jones

Mike Jones returns to That Old Pod to continue our discussion of Wendell Berry's The Unsettling of America with regards to quality of life. This episode dives further into the philosophical realities we are confronted with as our worlds become increasingly virtualzed. Discussion covers topics such as farming, quality of life, nutrition and spirituality.

Show Notes:

Opera browser, available for your computer or phone, often was used for light internet browsers on electronics such as feature phones and gaming devices

Comparison of various network types such as 3G, this link has a nice visual at the end

EDGE networks

To give context, 2007-2010 was when Netflix first started experimenting with online streaming, first by including 17 hours of streaming with the membership

Steve Jobs and his thoughts on Flash vs HTML 5 and the future of the internet

Here’s a cool blog post extrapolating on the idea of constraints adding value and assisting creativity

Twitter’s entire value and success centers around this concept

Thought post on the importance of time limits

The Benedictine Vows common among Catholic orders

Gamers discussing the value of fast traveling 

A nice depiction of the structure of story telling and why it would make for a terrible day to day existence

King of Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters and other such pursuits

Minecraft being used to learn chemistry, or build a functioning computer

Book of Genesis or a short summary  

Story of Icarus 

Soylent and it’s ingredients, Soylent does not claim to be a complete food replacement but instead to be a meal replacement

One physician’s look into the world of calcium parts one and two

A very technical paper looking at the differences between various calcium channels in the body

A thorough review of Pottinger’s studies on cat diets

An in depth look at Weston Price’s research on dental health

A look into the chemistry of fertilizer

Organic certification in US 

Wendell Berry

WW1 and trench warfare

The Future is Lightbulb Inheritance with Special Guest Phil Bosua

That Old Pod is honored to have Phil Bosua join this week's show where he discusses his experience as an entrepreneur and inventor. Conversation covers a bit of Phil's backstory, a look into his accomplishments with LIFX and a look to his future with the 100 year bulb project. Discussion touches on the the future of Internet of Things and the underlaying philosophies which should govern these devices.

Show Notes:

LIFX lifespan

LED lifespan (20-50,000 hours)

405 nm LEDs inactivate bacterial pathogens

Examples of the laser pens as described by Phil

How 405 nm appears

Phosphor film over bulb allows it to appear white

Other researchers have investigated methods more similar to Lucio’s concept

Phil Bosua Bloomberg Profile

I was unable to find anything of Propeller on the web, although there is a new band from Sydney (not Melbourne) of the same name

Malcolm Gladwell’s 10k hours

Value of thinking about something else before making decisions

What is a bounce down?

Reasons why you may bounce down frequently

What is a compiler?

Hue light bulbs

Hue app interface (iOS version is very similar)

Home App interface

Photoshop color selector

LIFX Interface

2015 update to LIFX interface

Current LIFX app link

Lucio’s example of Mac OS dock magnification

Color psychology and it’s impact on mood

Pod with Cillian discussing the future of Internet of Things (IoT) (iTunes)

Phil seems to be directly quoting me from this pod with Dexter (iTunes)

Little snitch

What is Unix?

What is the Linux kernel?

Why Unix is so comparatively secure

What is firmware?

Brief video explaining microcontrollers 

Example of how cheap full computers are getting

Brief history of ARM

Explaining ARM (RISC) vs x86 (CISC)

Wireless A/B/G/N explained

What is an OLED?

Sustainable plastics

Cost of CPU performance  (measured in number of transistors) over time cost

Qualcomm lawsuits

What is distributed processing?

Xgrid functionality in OS X, now a free download as part of Mac OS Server

Amazon S3

Some more details about Amazon S3

Keyshot rendering software

RGBW (red, green, blue, white) spectrum

Comparing hue and LIFX



850-1200 lumens compared to standard bulb industry



Pebble Kickstarter success

LIFX Kickstarter success

Sequoia Capital

Phil Bosua LinkedIn



Many thanks to Kenan Block for setting up this interview


A Scoomuterist's Sax Solo with Special Guest Ross Beck

Ross Beck is this week's special guest on That Old Pod, joining to discuss his new passion for drone flying. Conversation covers some basics of drone ownership, the awesomeness of scooters, online dating, tolerance for gaming and the experience of road tripping across the country. 

Show Notes:

DJI Mavic Pro

DJ Ross Beck Events

RossHasADrone YouTube and Instagram links

Example footage from Elliot Bay

Drone shot down

DJI Inspire 2

Professional grade drone

Cinematic SSD for DJI 

Personal devices banned on some international flights, possibly more soon

FAA rules for transporting batteries on flights

Seattle law banning drones in parks

Explaining the difference between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi

Drone crashed into space needle on New Years Eve

Man convicted of reckless endangerment after a woman was knocked unconscious by a falling drone during a Pride Parade in Seattle

Drone privacy concerns on the rise

Amazon Prime Air

Drones dropping supplies in remote areas

Autonomous cars pod

Bertha finally completes the Alaskan viaduct

DJI Mavic Pro documentation, manuals and tutorials

First consumer drones in 2010, first ones to follow users in 2014

LiPo battery

Tesla battery is lithium-ion

Final Cut Pro X editor

Lacie rugged thunderbolt drive

Omnicharge 20

Backpack solar charger

Commercial drone regulations

Unlicensed drone fines

Registering your drone

Quick examples of long exposure photography

Drone users experimenting with time lapse images 

Neutral Density (ND) Filters for your drone

How car commercials are made

DJI offers a crop dusting drone

DJI Goggles

FCC to limit net neutrality

Razor scooter

Money scooters

Ross Money’s Epic Matrix-Style Shot

Nokia 3310 2017 version

Eve from wall-e

How much horse power can a human generate

Mort Goldman from Family Guy

Halo Ghost

Halo Banshee

Dead Space

Kerbal space program

Seriously, check out Kerbal

Dead Space 2

Civilization games

Ultimate epic battle simulator

Types of zombies

Chuck Norris jokes

Game Dev Story is one of the best iOS games of all time, which inspired Game Dev Tycoon, which fleshed out the game play and added the awesome piracy easter egg

Elite: Dangerous

World of Warcraft dehydration funeral and surrounding lore

Netherlands video game addiction clinic

Buzzfeed article profiling a prolific Snapper

Millennials are known for their empathy

Millennial Preferences for Technology Usage

What is Slack?

Seattle Pacific University

Ok Cupid


Arrested development stripper pants

Family Guy

The Simpsons

Last Man on Earth


Broad City

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Always sunny opening scene

Star Trek

Silicon Valley

Big Bang Theory

Lincoln Douglas debates

LD debates for high school 

Some small business find tax benefits with Trump

Lucio meant Rapid City, South Dakota

Zion National Park

Bryce Canyon

White Sands

Examples of converted Sprinter vans

C17 Globemaster III

Sled Driver

SR 71

Money scooters

RossHasADrone YouTube and Instagram links

DJ Ross Beck Events

Read more at Old News

I Only Shave for My Acupuncturist with Special Guest Shamika Rivera

Many thanks to the incredible Shamika Rivera for coming on this week's That Old Pod. A Seattle-based artist, she discusses her process and experience as an artist as well as a latina women. Conversation focuses on art, feminism, sexuality, coexisting with stereotypes as well as pop culture. Warning, some explicit content and adult themes.

Show Notes

Shamika’s Pin Project

Seattle Art Boutique Vain

Another Seattle Art Boutique Sassafras 

Shamika’s Pin blog

Chromebooks in schools and the impacts on personal security

Section 8 housing

Babies crawl development milestone 

How does one decoupage

Angry man piece

Space oddessey

Explaining the difference between race and ethnicity

United kicks girls off flight for her leggings 

Uber and its reputation for sexism

STEM Industry sexism

Mothers of Gynecology

HeLa cells from patient Henrietta Lacks

Pregnancy stats/cesarean and its effect on humanity

Misunderstanding women

Seattle racial profile

Daring fireball 

Take that for data and the ensuing t-shirt


Her band the Sugarcubes

Her album Biophilia 

Her album Medulla 

Golden Girls

Estimates on Blache’s partners

Kelly Kapoor is everything

The Mindy Project 

Mindy invades the Lowe Post

America’s next top model

Jane the Virgin

Ugly Betty 

The O.C.

Sex and the City


Game of Thrones


Silicon Valley

Follow Shamika loves ink

Thoughts or comments on the show? Please reach out at here

Read more of Lucio at Old News

Everyone Develops Silicon with Special Guest Cillian Dwyer

Cillian joins That Old Pod to discuss this week in tech. Conversation focuses on latest AMD developments, the Nintendo Switch, Samsung S8, and exciting news for Apple's pro market. In depth discussion about the future of silicon development for the major tech players. Brief conversation around various Slack competitors and Facebook's latest copy of Snapchat's features.

Show Notes:

AMD Ryzen

Ryzen updates/patches for system throttling and improving performance for specific games

Radeon Pro Duo two cards in one PCI-e slot; dramatically less power hungry than predecessor

Super Bomberman R for Nintendo Switch updated with free levels

Nintendo’s new policy is good news for switch\developers

Switch and indie games

New Zelda game Breath of the Wild, has sold more copies for Switch than total console sales

Samsung S8 review

Camera comparison between Galaxy S8, iPhone 7, Google Pixel and LG G6

What is\was Viv?

What is Bixby?

Bixby delayed in US

Performance of A10 to competitors, two year old A9 still beating out latest Samsung CPUs for single core performance

Samsung S8 uses different processors for US and Korea 

What is Google’s new TPU

Apple ends agreement with chip designer Imagination Technologies

Imagination needing to make cuts

Apple was paying Imagination Technologies about $75 million in 2016

Apple hired lots of Imagination’s talent

Apple’s A7, the first 64 bit mobile SoC (System on a Chip)

Current VR sets

80s cell phone

Star Trek communicator

Apple’s M coprocessors used in iPhones and iPads

Apple’s A series processors used in iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV)

Apple’s S series SiP (System in Package) used in Apple Watch

Apple’s T series SoC used in MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Apple’s W series SoC used in Bluetooth devices such as AirPods

Uber tracking Apple devices and geofencing Apple’s Cupertino headquarters

Tim Cook conversation with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

Is Amazon good for US

Apple promises closed loop supply chain

Apple introduces Liam

iPhone upgrade program

Apple Mac Pro conversation

Apple can’t innovate

John Siracusa in 2013 on why Apple needs the Mac Pro to live on

Apple officially discontinues display business

LG 5k display shielding issue

Intel Optane

Logic Pro remote

Microsoft Surface Studio

Snapchat Filters

Facebook copies Snapchat

What is Slack?

Google Hangouts to compete with Slack

Microsoft launches Teams to compete with Slack

Facebook murder

Two articles on Snapchat and Facebook, start from same place, opposite conclusions

Facebook does not own Periscope, but offers a competitor Facebook Live


The Pursuit of Happiness with Special Guest Dayna Guido

Notable therapist and mother of the host Dayna Guido is That Old Pod's special guest this week. Discussion starts with some background into why she became a social worker, some best practices for working in the field, methods that lay people can use everyday in their relationships. Covers ideas such as managing one's time and interests and provides some tools for staying happy and enjoying life.

Show Notes:

What is a child care worker?

What do criminal defense attorney’s do?

National Association of Social Work (NASW) Code of Ethics

What is a social worker?

What do psychologists do?

The Office Toby counseling session with Michael

Trinity Place, Asheville runaway shelter

North Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) in Asheville

"Body keeps the score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma” by Bessel van de Kolk

Percentage of people diagnosed depression/ADHD 

Brain primed to dwell on negative events

Why use a sensory deprivation tank?

Jean-Louis Gassée on empathy and customer service

How synchronized swimmers look viewed from under water

The evolution of research on Malcolm Goodwill’s 10,000 hours to mastering a skill

Inventory of interests

Julia Cameron 

Buckminster Fuller

"Designing your life” by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

Can human’s multitask?

Da Vinci believed to have drawn and written with each hand at once 

How people learn

Dayna Guido is a practicing therapist and mother of the host of the show (dayna.guido@gmail.com), website to come

Human Interface Guidelines for Everything with Special Guest Dexter Buxton

Dexter Buxton joins That Old Pod as this week's special guest to talk about how recent events have dramatically increased the average American's political involvement and awareness. Discussion carriers over to what issues are most important facing us today, possible solutions, and their impact on quality of life. Also some discussion of growing up LDS.

Show Notes:

Free education

Lucio theory is wrong, women just get paid less in the same role

Statistics of men's lack of house work

Social contract

Social Contract by Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau

Dems platform for education 

GOP platform for education 

Jim camera face

Seattle May Day protests

Police cheering protesters during women’s march

Post election racial hate

Obamas Supreme Court nomination of Merrick Garland

What is single payer health care

Is single payer health care a good idea?

Obama’s Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan not good enough

Trump repeals Climate Action Plan

Apple and Wal-Mart following Climate Action Plan despite repeal

Lucio wrong with water level again, point still stands

Seattle bag ban

Energy costs of plastic bags/paper/canvas (need to use a canvas bag ~400x to be beneficial)

Cost of a Boeing 757

Some estimates at the cost of developing a new Airplane

Hyperloop does not need a vacuum to achieve speeds of 700 mph

Space elevator design 

History of illicit drugs in US

HTC Vive 

Google Tilt Brush for HTC Vive and Oculus

Microsoft HoloLens

Magic Leap

VH1 Pop Up Video

BBC Sherlock

TimeX interface and manuals

Seattle removing street parking

Boston’s Big Dig

Alaskan viaduct finally completed

Nano spring battery technology

Apple Tesla acquisition talks



The Whole Point of That Story Is That It's Awesome with Special Guest Adam Pruitt

Special Guest Adam Pruitt joins That Old Pod to discuss conspiracy theories, the current political climate, quality of life, animal psychology and, of course, beer. 

Show Notes:

Moon landing conspiracy

Addressing concerns about the flag

Original flag knocked over by launch

There is a “scant atmosphere” surrounding the moon. It is often considered a vacuum

There is not enough atmosphere on the moon to facilitate sound waves

There was so much gas expelled by the launch as to knock over the flag

Lucio was waaaay off, it’s one atom per cubic meter, still a lot of empty space

Buzz Aldrin is pretty confident the “UFO” was just a panel from the separated rocket

Similarly, most NASA astronaut “alien”encounters” sound fairly uncertain

Lusitania was found to be transporting around 4 million bullets, evidence that it was being used as more than merely a civilian ship; of the 1,198 casualties, 128 were civilians

There is still considerable dispute about the cause of the sinking of the USS Maine, a pivotal factor in US engaging in the Spanish American War

The story of the assignation of Archduke Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip

WW1 soldier demonstrates grenades used at time

WW2 Pearl Harbor advanced-knowledge conspiracy theory

Current state of the 911 Truth website

An article on the life of a current “truther”

Stephen Colbert on James Comey

Another angle on the Comey situation

Intergalactic Hop Shop IPA release

Chucks Hop Shop

Holy Mountain Jolly Pumpkin Ron Hawaii 

Evil Twin Even More Jesus Imperial Stout

2008 surveys for American’s support of War in Iraq

Weak repeal of HB2

Walking in Charlie’s Shoes

Differing views on Pence’s avoidance of women

Mothers as hosts

Chain of command

SNL evil Bannon skit

2012 banks bail out

Suicide prediction

Machine learning cancer detection

Evolution of corn

Wild banana

Lucio used the word grok

Norwegian Forest Cat

Firestone Walker Leo vs. Ursus Fortem Imperial IPA

Sticky Hands Block 15 Double IPA

Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break

Sea level rise at current temperatures - Lucio off by a factor of 10, whoops

Where cities form

Lucio did have the elevation of Seattle correct

Reconstruction of T-Rex face

Solar system Trappist-1 discovered

The actual image astronomers have used to understand Trappist-1


Lost in Proft with Special Guest Jim Guido

Special guest Jim Guido joins That Old Pod to discuss capitalism and the future of economic theory; and its effects on society in regards to politics, research and quality of life. 

Show Notes:

Economy definition

Adam Smith and his vision of capitalism

Nathanial Hayward is recognized only briefly for his discovery of what became vulcanization

Louie Pasteur and his discovery of pasteurization

Pebble sold to Fitbit

Wal-Martization of America

Pepsi vs Coke earnings

Examples of Charter and Turner cable availability maps

Work Life Balance

What is a photon?

Strong nuclear force

What portion of atom is empty space?

South Park console wars describes beauty of the duopoly

Portion of budget that goes to military

Production of heroin in Afghanistan goes up 40x since War on Terror began

Ozone is beginning to recover

Quantum mechanics and probability

Quantum mechanics and free will

Auto fatalities by year

Number of drunk driving fatalities

Milo Yiannopoulos speaking engagement at UC Berkley Blocked

Gore and Bush debates

Is the Iraq war a mistake?

ACLU support KKK right to march

IMF bankrupting nations

Subprime mortgage crisis

Bank Bailouts

PE Ratio

PE Ratio of major tech companies in 2013

2000 dot com Tech Bubble

McCain Funding

Tech companies oppose muslim ban

FDR infrastructure

Grand Coulee Dam

What caused the death of electric trolleys?

Screen time for people under 30

Elon Musk anti union

Becoming Steve Jobs

Buckminster Fuller


Will My Grand Kids Be Human with Special Guest Cillian Dwyer (Proper)

Cillian joins That Old Pod again to discuss this week in tech. Discussion covers the new releases by AMD and Nvidea; the future of the processor market; quantum computing; Google's new product releases and some issues arising with Google Home; digital assistants and space travel. 

*There were some technical issues uploading the file. If you notice your audio stop after 5 minutes and become crackling noise, or issues with the alignment of the audio, erase the download and simply download the episode again. 

Show Notes

AMD Ryzen

AMD and ATI merger

AMD Bulldozer

Multithreading vs Multiple-core Processors

Qualcomm SoC

PS3 Cell Processor

Prices of AMD Ryzen vs Intel i7

ARM in mobile

Intel Tick-Tock Model

What is a SoC

How is a GPU different  from a CPU?

What is Nvidea CUDA?

NVidea 1080 TI

Value of 60 FPS (frames per second)

What is SLI?

CPU Power Consumption

GPU Power Consumption

What is Bitcoin Mining?

AMD Vega

Apple A Series Processors

Apple silicone development

Apple silicone purchases - Lucio was confusing the PrimeSense acquisition with what he meant to be discussing, the PA Semi purchase, a US based company. Apple has also purchased several other semi-conductor teams for their engineering talent including Intrinisity and Passif Semiconductor

Quantum computing

Lucio kept saying Qubit and meant D-Wave

First quantum computer was highly contested but eventually verified in 2014

Google quantum severs

IBM quantum computers

Advantages of graphene processors

Intel abandoning silicone at 7 nm

Nokia 3310 re-release

2G network shutdown

5G specification is under review


Google Jamboard

MS Surface Hub vs Google Jamboard

Google Hangouts latest updates

What is Slack?

Google Answer issues

Google Home on Obama 

Google Home Caramelized Onion Recipe

Machine Learning a Video Game

SpaceX plans to send two private astronauts around the moon in late 2018

Article to visualize Earth’s atmosphere. Deep space is defined as the area outside of these zones. Humans have not left the atmosphere since the Apollo missions.

Europe Space Agency current and future activities

China’s Space Program’s latest news

United Arab Emigrates Space Program plans to build inhabitable human settlement on Mars by 2117, on track to send probe to Mars in 2020

Apollo 1 Cockpit fire

Tesla Powerwall

Ender’s Saga - Whole series is absolutely fantastic and a must read. Xenocide is the third book and Lucio’s favorite. Shadow of the Hegemon is now the 6th book in the series

Plant communication has actually been shown in a number of studies

Mushroom growth time lapse

Are viruses alive?

Solar system Trappist-1 discovered

The actual image astronomers have used to understand Trappist-1

New suggestion for planet classifications

How electrons behave in an electric circuit

Prosthetic limbs responding to brain signals

Images reconstructed from people’s thoughts

The Trials and Triumphs of Technology with Special Guest Mike Jones (Part 1)

Mike Jones joins That Old Pod to discuss technology as it relates to quality of life. Starting our discussion off as it relates to the book The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture by Wendell Berry, we discuss how farming and industrialization have impacted our quality of life. You’ll notice that the pod ends abruptly on a cliff hanger. In a charming encapsulation of the failings of technology, about an hour of our conversation got cut off through a technical error on Lucio’s part. Fortunately, we have noted the course of the missing conversation, and we were getting tired and really had much more to say anyway, so we will be recording part II of this topic in the near future.

Show notes

The Unsettling of America: Culture & Agriculture

The decline of the small American family farm in one chart

2007 Census of Agriculture: Small Farms

10 Things the 2012 Census of Agriculture tells us about family farmers and our food system

Nielsen report on Global Consumption of Fresh Foods March 2013

Dining Out Just Overtook Grocery Sales for the First Time Ever in 2015

Effect of family meals on drug and alcohol use in teens

Community created through agriculture

American divorce rate declining but still high

Proportion of married adults decreasing

Younger American’s divorce much less frequently

Couples time together through decades

American Leisure Time Increased From 1965-2003

Early History of Recreation and Leisure

Pre-industrial workers had shorter workweek than today’s

Labor, Leisure and Time in the Industrial Revolution

Benefits of Industrialization in 6 charts

If 100 people lived on earth

Impacts of a sedentary life style

Sorry Mike, minerals come from our diet (both food and liquid):

  1. Here’s closest thing I could find to Mike’s 80% of mineral ingested through skin
  2. From the source: “we have provided various references to many of the studies completed that have found that our bodies absorb directly into the bloodstream close to 60% of the topical products with which the skin - our largest organ - comes into contact.”
  3. They use this link for that citation, not very helpful
  4. Most mineral absorption occurs in the small intestine
  5. A further analysis of mineral absorption
  6. Another article in a similar vein
  7. We do absorb minerals through water, proportion compared to percentage absorbed through food difficult to quantify
  8. The links I’ve provided above highlight that so much research of diet and minerals comes from studies of questionable veracity and speaks to an extreme lack of quality repeatable studies on the subject

Nanobots in blood stream as delivery method

Nanobots and medicine

Bubble Bobble

Get Off Your Smartphone

If I Had A Hammer - Ellen Degeneres (Starts at 3:55 mark)

What I Remember Trolling To Be With Special Guest Evan Reyes

This week Evan Reyes joins That Old Pod to discuss this week in sports, the NBA All Star Game, NBA Trade Season, Flat Earthers, Climate Change, PewDiePie, South Park, the state of the movie industry among other topics.


Show Notes

2016 Dunk Contest

2017 Dunk Contest

Jordan v Bird McDonald’s Commercial

Zach LaVine Career Stats

Rumors of Rose trade to Timberwolves

Derrick Rose injuries

Jokic recent highlights

Cousins and Davis shot chart

Cousins and Davis fit together

Background on Cousins and the Kings

Evidence of how bad Cousin’s trade was for Kings

Kings owner thinks highly of Buddy Heild

LaVarr Ball about his son

LaMelo Ball scores 92 points in high school game

Steph Curry college stats

Steph Curry dramatically improves at 27 years old

Lonzo Ball college stats

Lebron Hurts Elbow/Wrist on Fall in Finals

Kevin Love dramatic drop in statistics with Cleveland

Resurgence of Lebron’s 3 point shot in 2016-2017

Iggy defense on Lebron in 2015

Klay goes off in game 6 of 2016 Conference Semi Finals vs Thunder

Kevin Calabro in action

Kyrie Irving Earth is Flat

Anti-environmentalist movements

Trevor Bauer Tweets

Ozone Layer ‘Solved

XKCD on climate change

Did prehistoric humans prevent an ice age?

How oil was created

PewDiePie loses sponsors

Milo Yiannopoulos banned from twitter

League of Legends bans Tyler1

MLB rule changes denied


Blair Walsh missed field goal

What is twitch?

Rick and Morty

Polygon article on PewDiePie in contrast to South Park

What is a viral video

Lane Kiffin ‘viral’ video

Chocolate Rain

Ermahgerd girl

South Park PC Principal

Futurama saddest episode ever

Fry wins over Leela with super intelligence

What was What.cd?

What is tidal?

Understanding DRM (Digital Rights Management)?

What is HBO Go?

The Oatmeal on watching Game of Thrones

2009 NBA Draft

2010 NFL Draft

The Braxton Miller Spin Move

Your Heating Experience Will Begin After This Short Ad

This episode features special guest Cillian Dwyer and we discuss this week in tech. Discussion focuses on Uber, Amazon, the future of transportation, AR/VR, Nintendo Switch and internet connected devices.

Show Notes:

  1. Uber Whitepaper
  2. Apple Knowledge Navigator
  3. Interview with Gabe Newell of Valve
  4. Of course I can't find the picture I promised to put in the show notes