What I Remember Trolling To Be With Special Guest Evan Reyes

This week Evan Reyes joins That Old Pod to discuss this week in sports, the NBA All Star Game, NBA Trade Season, Flat Earthers, Climate Change, PewDiePie, South Park, the state of the movie industry among other topics.


Show Notes

2016 Dunk Contest

2017 Dunk Contest

Jordan v Bird McDonald’s Commercial

Zach LaVine Career Stats

Rumors of Rose trade to Timberwolves

Derrick Rose injuries

Jokic recent highlights

Cousins and Davis shot chart

Cousins and Davis fit together

Background on Cousins and the Kings

Evidence of how bad Cousin’s trade was for Kings

Kings owner thinks highly of Buddy Heild

LaVarr Ball about his son

LaMelo Ball scores 92 points in high school game

Steph Curry college stats

Steph Curry dramatically improves at 27 years old

Lonzo Ball college stats

Lebron Hurts Elbow/Wrist on Fall in Finals

Kevin Love dramatic drop in statistics with Cleveland

Resurgence of Lebron’s 3 point shot in 2016-2017

Iggy defense on Lebron in 2015

Klay goes off in game 6 of 2016 Conference Semi Finals vs Thunder

Kevin Calabro in action

Kyrie Irving Earth is Flat

Anti-environmentalist movements

Trevor Bauer Tweets

Ozone Layer ‘Solved

XKCD on climate change

Did prehistoric humans prevent an ice age?

How oil was created

PewDiePie loses sponsors

Milo Yiannopoulos banned from twitter

League of Legends bans Tyler1

MLB rule changes denied


Blair Walsh missed field goal

What is twitch?

Rick and Morty

Polygon article on PewDiePie in contrast to South Park

What is a viral video

Lane Kiffin ‘viral’ video

Chocolate Rain

Ermahgerd girl

South Park PC Principal

Futurama saddest episode ever

Fry wins over Leela with super intelligence

What was What.cd?

What is tidal?

Understanding DRM (Digital Rights Management)?

What is HBO Go?

The Oatmeal on watching Game of Thrones

2009 NBA Draft

2010 NFL Draft

The Braxton Miller Spin Move