Will My Grand Kids Be Human with Special Guest Cillian Dwyer (Proper)

Cillian joins That Old Pod again to discuss this week in tech. Discussion covers the new releases by AMD and Nvidea; the future of the processor market; quantum computing; Google's new product releases and some issues arising with Google Home; digital assistants and space travel. 

*There were some technical issues uploading the file. If you notice your audio stop after 5 minutes and become crackling noise, or issues with the alignment of the audio, erase the download and simply download the episode again. 

Show Notes

AMD Ryzen

AMD and ATI merger

AMD Bulldozer

Multithreading vs Multiple-core Processors

Qualcomm SoC

PS3 Cell Processor

Prices of AMD Ryzen vs Intel i7

ARM in mobile

Intel Tick-Tock Model

What is a SoC

How is a GPU different  from a CPU?

What is Nvidea CUDA?

NVidea 1080 TI

Value of 60 FPS (frames per second)

What is SLI?

CPU Power Consumption

GPU Power Consumption

What is Bitcoin Mining?

AMD Vega

Apple A Series Processors

Apple silicone development

Apple silicone purchases - Lucio was confusing the PrimeSense acquisition with what he meant to be discussing, the PA Semi purchase, a US based company. Apple has also purchased several other semi-conductor teams for their engineering talent including Intrinisity and Passif Semiconductor

Quantum computing

Lucio kept saying Qubit and meant D-Wave

First quantum computer was highly contested but eventually verified in 2014

Google quantum severs

IBM quantum computers

Advantages of graphene processors

Intel abandoning silicone at 7 nm

Nokia 3310 re-release

2G network shutdown

5G specification is under review


Google Jamboard

MS Surface Hub vs Google Jamboard

Google Hangouts latest updates

What is Slack?

Google Answer issues

Google Home on Obama 

Google Home Caramelized Onion Recipe

Machine Learning a Video Game

SpaceX plans to send two private astronauts around the moon in late 2018

Article to visualize Earth’s atmosphere. Deep space is defined as the area outside of these zones. Humans have not left the atmosphere since the Apollo missions.

Europe Space Agency current and future activities

China’s Space Program’s latest news

United Arab Emigrates Space Program plans to build inhabitable human settlement on Mars by 2117, on track to send probe to Mars in 2020

Apollo 1 Cockpit fire

Tesla Powerwall

Ender’s Saga - Whole series is absolutely fantastic and a must read. Xenocide is the third book and Lucio’s favorite. Shadow of the Hegemon is now the 6th book in the series

Plant communication has actually been shown in a number of studies

Mushroom growth time lapse

Are viruses alive?

Solar system Trappist-1 discovered

The actual image astronomers have used to understand Trappist-1

New suggestion for planet classifications

How electrons behave in an electric circuit

Prosthetic limbs responding to brain signals

Images reconstructed from people’s thoughts