Lost in Proft with Special Guest Jim Guido

Special guest Jim Guido joins That Old Pod to discuss capitalism and the future of economic theory; and its effects on society in regards to politics, research and quality of life. 

Show Notes:

Economy definition

Adam Smith and his vision of capitalism

Nathanial Hayward is recognized only briefly for his discovery of what became vulcanization

Louie Pasteur and his discovery of pasteurization

Pebble sold to Fitbit

Wal-Martization of America

Pepsi vs Coke earnings

Examples of Charter and Turner cable availability maps

Work Life Balance

What is a photon?

Strong nuclear force

What portion of atom is empty space?

South Park console wars describes beauty of the duopoly

Portion of budget that goes to military

Production of heroin in Afghanistan goes up 40x since War on Terror began

Ozone is beginning to recover

Quantum mechanics and probability

Quantum mechanics and free will

Auto fatalities by year

Number of drunk driving fatalities

Milo Yiannopoulos speaking engagement at UC Berkley Blocked

Gore and Bush debates

Is the Iraq war a mistake?

ACLU support KKK right to march

IMF bankrupting nations

Subprime mortgage crisis

Bank Bailouts

PE Ratio

PE Ratio of major tech companies in 2013

2000 dot com Tech Bubble

McCain Funding

Tech companies oppose muslim ban

FDR infrastructure

Grand Coulee Dam

What caused the death of electric trolleys?

Screen time for people under 30

Elon Musk anti union

Becoming Steve Jobs

Buckminster Fuller