Human Interface Guidelines for Everything with Special Guest Dexter Buxton

Dexter Buxton joins That Old Pod as this week's special guest to talk about how recent events have dramatically increased the average American's political involvement and awareness. Discussion carriers over to what issues are most important facing us today, possible solutions, and their impact on quality of life. Also some discussion of growing up LDS.

Show Notes:

Free education

Lucio theory is wrong, women just get paid less in the same role

Statistics of men's lack of house work

Social contract

Social Contract by Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau

Dems platform for education 

GOP platform for education 

Jim camera face

Seattle May Day protests

Police cheering protesters during women’s march

Post election racial hate

Obamas Supreme Court nomination of Merrick Garland

What is single payer health care

Is single payer health care a good idea?

Obama’s Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan not good enough

Trump repeals Climate Action Plan

Apple and Wal-Mart following Climate Action Plan despite repeal

Lucio wrong with water level again, point still stands

Seattle bag ban

Energy costs of plastic bags/paper/canvas (need to use a canvas bag ~400x to be beneficial)

Cost of a Boeing 757

Some estimates at the cost of developing a new Airplane

Hyperloop does not need a vacuum to achieve speeds of 700 mph

Space elevator design 

History of illicit drugs in US

HTC Vive 

Google Tilt Brush for HTC Vive and Oculus

Microsoft HoloLens

Magic Leap

VH1 Pop Up Video

BBC Sherlock

TimeX interface and manuals

Seattle removing street parking

Boston’s Big Dig

Alaskan viaduct finally completed

Nano spring battery technology

Apple Tesla acquisition talks