Everyone Develops Silicon with Special Guest Cillian Dwyer

Cillian joins That Old Pod to discuss this week in tech. Conversation focuses on latest AMD developments, the Nintendo Switch, Samsung S8, and exciting news for Apple's pro market. In depth discussion about the future of silicon development for the major tech players. Brief conversation around various Slack competitors and Facebook's latest copy of Snapchat's features.

Show Notes:

AMD Ryzen

Ryzen updates/patches for system throttling and improving performance for specific games

Radeon Pro Duo two cards in one PCI-e slot; dramatically less power hungry than predecessor

Super Bomberman R for Nintendo Switch updated with free levels

Nintendo’s new policy is good news for switch\developers

Switch and indie games

New Zelda game Breath of the Wild, has sold more copies for Switch than total console sales

Samsung S8 review

Camera comparison between Galaxy S8, iPhone 7, Google Pixel and LG G6

What is\was Viv?

What is Bixby?

Bixby delayed in US

Performance of A10 to competitors, two year old A9 still beating out latest Samsung CPUs for single core performance

Samsung S8 uses different processors for US and Korea 

What is Google’s new TPU

Apple ends agreement with chip designer Imagination Technologies

Imagination needing to make cuts

Apple was paying Imagination Technologies about $75 million in 2016

Apple hired lots of Imagination’s talent

Apple’s A7, the first 64 bit mobile SoC (System on a Chip)

Current VR sets

80s cell phone

Star Trek communicator

Apple’s M coprocessors used in iPhones and iPads

Apple’s A series processors used in iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV)

Apple’s S series SiP (System in Package) used in Apple Watch

Apple’s T series SoC used in MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Apple’s W series SoC used in Bluetooth devices such as AirPods

Uber tracking Apple devices and geofencing Apple’s Cupertino headquarters

Tim Cook conversation with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

Is Amazon good for US

Apple promises closed loop supply chain

Apple introduces Liam

iPhone upgrade program

Apple Mac Pro conversation

Apple can’t innovate

John Siracusa in 2013 on why Apple needs the Mac Pro to live on

Apple officially discontinues display business

LG 5k display shielding issue

Intel Optane

Logic Pro remote

Microsoft Surface Studio

Snapchat Filters

Facebook copies Snapchat

What is Slack?

Google Hangouts to compete with Slack

Microsoft launches Teams to compete with Slack

Facebook murder

Two articles on Snapchat and Facebook, start from same place, opposite conclusions

Facebook does not own Periscope, but offers a competitor Facebook Live