The Whole Point of That Story Is That It's Awesome with Special Guest Adam Pruitt

Special Guest Adam Pruitt joins That Old Pod to discuss conspiracy theories, the current political climate, quality of life, animal psychology and, of course, beer. 

Show Notes:

Moon landing conspiracy

Addressing concerns about the flag

Original flag knocked over by launch

There is a “scant atmosphere” surrounding the moon. It is often considered a vacuum

There is not enough atmosphere on the moon to facilitate sound waves

There was so much gas expelled by the launch as to knock over the flag

Lucio was waaaay off, it’s one atom per cubic meter, still a lot of empty space

Buzz Aldrin is pretty confident the “UFO” was just a panel from the separated rocket

Similarly, most NASA astronaut “alien”encounters” sound fairly uncertain

Lusitania was found to be transporting around 4 million bullets, evidence that it was being used as more than merely a civilian ship; of the 1,198 casualties, 128 were civilians

There is still considerable dispute about the cause of the sinking of the USS Maine, a pivotal factor in US engaging in the Spanish American War

The story of the assignation of Archduke Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip

WW1 soldier demonstrates grenades used at time

WW2 Pearl Harbor advanced-knowledge conspiracy theory

Current state of the 911 Truth website

An article on the life of a current “truther”

Stephen Colbert on James Comey

Another angle on the Comey situation

Intergalactic Hop Shop IPA release

Chucks Hop Shop

Holy Mountain Jolly Pumpkin Ron Hawaii 

Evil Twin Even More Jesus Imperial Stout

2008 surveys for American’s support of War in Iraq

Weak repeal of HB2

Walking in Charlie’s Shoes

Differing views on Pence’s avoidance of women

Mothers as hosts

Chain of command

SNL evil Bannon skit

2012 banks bail out

Suicide prediction

Machine learning cancer detection

Evolution of corn

Wild banana

Lucio used the word grok

Norwegian Forest Cat

Firestone Walker Leo vs. Ursus Fortem Imperial IPA

Sticky Hands Block 15 Double IPA

Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break

Sea level rise at current temperatures - Lucio off by a factor of 10, whoops

Where cities form

Lucio did have the elevation of Seattle correct

Reconstruction of T-Rex face

Solar system Trappist-1 discovered

The actual image astronomers have used to understand Trappist-1