A Scoomuterist's Sax Solo with Special Guest Ross Beck

Ross Beck is this week's special guest on That Old Pod, joining to discuss his new passion for drone flying. Conversation covers some basics of drone ownership, the awesomeness of scooters, online dating, tolerance for gaming and the experience of road tripping across the country. 

Show Notes:

DJI Mavic Pro

DJ Ross Beck Events

RossHasADrone YouTube and Instagram links

Example footage from Elliot Bay

Drone shot down

DJI Inspire 2

Professional grade drone

Cinematic SSD for DJI 

Personal devices banned on some international flights, possibly more soon

FAA rules for transporting batteries on flights

Seattle law banning drones in parks

Explaining the difference between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi

Drone crashed into space needle on New Years Eve

Man convicted of reckless endangerment after a woman was knocked unconscious by a falling drone during a Pride Parade in Seattle

Drone privacy concerns on the rise

Amazon Prime Air

Drones dropping supplies in remote areas

Autonomous cars pod

Bertha finally completes the Alaskan viaduct

DJI Mavic Pro documentation, manuals and tutorials

First consumer drones in 2010, first ones to follow users in 2014

LiPo battery

Tesla battery is lithium-ion

Final Cut Pro X editor

Lacie rugged thunderbolt drive

Omnicharge 20

Backpack solar charger

Commercial drone regulations

Unlicensed drone fines

Registering your drone

Quick examples of long exposure photography

Drone users experimenting with time lapse images 

Neutral Density (ND) Filters for your drone

How car commercials are made

DJI offers a crop dusting drone

DJI Goggles

FCC to limit net neutrality

Razor scooter

Money scooters

Ross Money’s Epic Matrix-Style Shot

Nokia 3310 2017 version

Eve from wall-e

How much horse power can a human generate

Mort Goldman from Family Guy

Halo Ghost

Halo Banshee

Dead Space

Kerbal space program

Seriously, check out Kerbal

Dead Space 2

Civilization games

Ultimate epic battle simulator

Types of zombies

Chuck Norris jokes

Game Dev Story is one of the best iOS games of all time, which inspired Game Dev Tycoon, which fleshed out the game play and added the awesome piracy easter egg

Elite: Dangerous

World of Warcraft dehydration funeral and surrounding lore

Netherlands video game addiction clinic

Buzzfeed article profiling a prolific Snapper

Millennials are known for their empathy

Millennial Preferences for Technology Usage

What is Slack?

Seattle Pacific University

Ok Cupid


Arrested development stripper pants

Family Guy

The Simpsons

Last Man on Earth


Broad City

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Always sunny opening scene

Star Trek

Silicon Valley

Big Bang Theory

Lincoln Douglas debates

LD debates for high school 

Some small business find tax benefits with Trump

Lucio meant Rapid City, South Dakota

Zion National Park

Bryce Canyon

White Sands

Examples of converted Sprinter vans

C17 Globemaster III

Sled Driver

SR 71

Money scooters

RossHasADrone YouTube and Instagram links

DJ Ross Beck Events

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