The Future is Lightbulb Inheritance with Special Guest Phil Bosua

That Old Pod is honored to have Phil Bosua join this week's show where he discusses his experience as an entrepreneur and inventor. Conversation covers a bit of Phil's backstory, a look into his accomplishments with LIFX and a look to his future with the 100 year bulb project. Discussion touches on the the future of Internet of Things and the underlaying philosophies which should govern these devices.

Show Notes:

LIFX lifespan

LED lifespan (20-50,000 hours)

405 nm LEDs inactivate bacterial pathogens

Examples of the laser pens as described by Phil

How 405 nm appears

Phosphor film over bulb allows it to appear white

Other researchers have investigated methods more similar to Lucio’s concept

Phil Bosua Bloomberg Profile

I was unable to find anything of Propeller on the web, although there is a new band from Sydney (not Melbourne) of the same name

Malcolm Gladwell’s 10k hours

Value of thinking about something else before making decisions

What is a bounce down?

Reasons why you may bounce down frequently

What is a compiler?

Hue light bulbs

Hue app interface (iOS version is very similar)

Home App interface

Photoshop color selector

LIFX Interface

2015 update to LIFX interface

Current LIFX app link

Lucio’s example of Mac OS dock magnification

Color psychology and it’s impact on mood

Pod with Cillian discussing the future of Internet of Things (IoT) (iTunes)

Phil seems to be directly quoting me from this pod with Dexter (iTunes)

Little snitch

What is Unix?

What is the Linux kernel?

Why Unix is so comparatively secure

What is firmware?

Brief video explaining microcontrollers 

Example of how cheap full computers are getting

Brief history of ARM

Explaining ARM (RISC) vs x86 (CISC)

Wireless A/B/G/N explained

What is an OLED?

Sustainable plastics

Cost of CPU performance  (measured in number of transistors) over time cost

Qualcomm lawsuits

What is distributed processing?

Xgrid functionality in OS X, now a free download as part of Mac OS Server

Amazon S3

Some more details about Amazon S3

Keyshot rendering software

RGBW (red, green, blue, white) spectrum

Comparing hue and LIFX



850-1200 lumens compared to standard bulb industry



Pebble Kickstarter success

LIFX Kickstarter success

Sequoia Capital

Phil Bosua LinkedIn



Many thanks to Kenan Block for setting up this interview