Continuing That Train of Thought with Special Guest Mike Jones

Mike Jones returns to That Old Pod to continue our discussion of Wendell Berry's The Unsettling of America with regards to quality of life. This episode dives further into the philosophical realities we are confronted with as our worlds become increasingly virtualzed. Discussion covers topics such as farming, quality of life, nutrition and spirituality.

Show Notes:

Opera browser, available for your computer or phone, often was used for light internet browsers on electronics such as feature phones and gaming devices

Comparison of various network types such as 3G, this link has a nice visual at the end

EDGE networks

To give context, 2007-2010 was when Netflix first started experimenting with online streaming, first by including 17 hours of streaming with the membership

Steve Jobs and his thoughts on Flash vs HTML 5 and the future of the internet

Here’s a cool blog post extrapolating on the idea of constraints adding value and assisting creativity

Twitter’s entire value and success centers around this concept

Thought post on the importance of time limits

The Benedictine Vows common among Catholic orders

Gamers discussing the value of fast traveling 

A nice depiction of the structure of story telling and why it would make for a terrible day to day existence

King of Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters and other such pursuits

Minecraft being used to learn chemistry, or build a functioning computer

Book of Genesis or a short summary  

Story of Icarus 

Soylent and it’s ingredients, Soylent does not claim to be a complete food replacement but instead to be a meal replacement

One physician’s look into the world of calcium parts one and two

A very technical paper looking at the differences between various calcium channels in the body

A thorough review of Pottinger’s studies on cat diets

An in depth look at Weston Price’s research on dental health

A look into the chemistry of fertilizer

Organic certification in US 

Wendell Berry

WW1 and trench warfare