I Only Shave for My Acupuncturist with Special Guest Shamika Rivera

Many thanks to the incredible Shamika Rivera for coming on this week's That Old Pod. A Seattle-based artist, she discusses her process and experience as an artist as well as a latina women. Conversation focuses on art, feminism, sexuality, coexisting with stereotypes as well as pop culture. Warning, some explicit content and adult themes.

Show Notes

Shamika’s Pin Project

Seattle Art Boutique Vain

Another Seattle Art Boutique Sassafras 

Shamika’s Pin blog

Chromebooks in schools and the impacts on personal security

Section 8 housing

Babies crawl development milestone 

How does one decoupage

Angry man piece

Space oddessey

Explaining the difference between race and ethnicity

United kicks girls off flight for her leggings 

Uber and its reputation for sexism

STEM Industry sexism

Mothers of Gynecology

HeLa cells from patient Henrietta Lacks

Pregnancy stats/cesarean and its effect on humanity

Misunderstanding women

Seattle racial profile

Daring fireball 

Take that for data and the ensuing t-shirt


Her band the Sugarcubes

Her album Biophilia 

Her album Medulla 

Golden Girls

Estimates on Blache’s partners

Kelly Kapoor is everything

The Mindy Project 

Mindy invades the Lowe Post

America’s next top model

Jane the Virgin

Ugly Betty 

The O.C.

Sex and the City


Game of Thrones


Silicon Valley

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