What Dreams May Come with Special Guest Cillian Dwyer

Special guest Cillian Dwyer returns to That Old Pod to share his thoughts on this week's WWDC conference. Conversation dives into how Apple's announcement positions them relative to their competitors, what surprised us, and how we see the tools and advancements announced this week impacting the future. Longer discussion around the impacts of Apple joining the AR/VR revolution.

Show Notes:

What is WWDC 2017?

Watch Apple’s 2017 WWDC Keynote which is the basis of today’s conversation, watching this first will drastically improve the listening experience

Google has their own version every year called Google I/O and its held each year in late May

Microsoft's conference is named Microsoft Build which is generally held in early May each year

A seasoned Apple Developer commenting on the relaxed atmosphere of WWDC being held in San Jose

TV and tvOS

Amazon Prime tvOS app announcement

Here’s Apple’s product page for watchOS 4

Apple has opened up the future of Bluetooth accessories working directly with Watch

What is NFC?

Apple is opening up NFC to developers in iOS 11, which has been a subject of some contention

Watch satisfaction rates are through the roof, consistent across all the companies wearables

Potential glucose monitoring for Watch

Apple Watch health measurement’s accuracy is best in class

Watch compared to proper chest monitors

Watch distance calculation is best in class

Apple allowing gym equipment providers to directly sync with Watch

Customers call using Pay on the watch a magical experience

watchOS 2 to 3 was a major overhaul of the user experience

Recent comparison studies into Siri’s accuracy have shown room for improvement, although the results are fairly inconsistent

Siri speaks 21 languages and 36 localizations, Cortana speaks 8, Google Assistant 4 and Alexa is merely bilingual

You can read Apple’s privacy page which does a terrific job of explaining how Apple prioritizes your privacy; the section on Siri has yet to be updated for iOS 11 where your device will sync the Siri data with each other, but that data will not be available to Apple; the best way I’ve seen this described was Horace Dediu who framed it that “Siri knows you, Apple does not”

Siri’s learned behaviors are synced between your devices with iCloud in iOS 11

The Wall Street Journal’s recent hit piece on Siri has garnered lots of attention recently, I felt the sourcing was pretty light for such a heavy tone, and it looks like I’m not the only one

Understanding extensions, released with iOS 8 in 2014, possibly one of the most underused power features of iOS

Extensions allow the user to pass data between apps, something Android has allowed in a far less elegant form I believe since 2008 when the OS first launched, but certainly since 2009 when Cupcake added support for widgets 

I’ve shared my thoughts before on Android Wear 2.0’s adoption of cell radio support

Apple announces MacOS High Sierra

What is Apple File System (APFS)?

Many of the features of APFS such as full disk encryption and modern concepts such as snapshots and clones will theoretically allow Apple to provide drastically better solutions for system wide file encryption than File Vault, or system wide backup with Time Machine

What is this ZFS Lucio speaks of?

Remembering Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

ZFS support stripped from Snow Leopard

What is HFS+

John Siracusa changed my life with these elegant write ups of file systems and backup solutions

Apple to enforce 2FA as mandatory in iOS 11

What is 2FA for Apple accounts?

Mac OS Sierra and iOS 11 support HEVC, what is it?

Apple announces Metal 2

What is an eGPU?

What is DirectX?

Many windows machines powered by DirectX 11, but all machines running Windows 10 are powered by DirectX 12

I had trouble finding the exact article Cillian was quoting to compare frame rates of World of Warcraft in Mac OS Sierra and Windows 10, but apparently performance in metal is terrific

Xamarin enables development of iPhone apps on Windows without a Mac

New iMacs announced

Nvidia explains why GPUs are so important for tasks such as augmented reality/virtual reality/mixed reality/machine learning/neural networks

Apple finally making desktop caliber video cards standard in all its 4k and 5k iMacs with the Radeon Pro 500 series

How does Radeon 580 Pro compare with Nvidea GTX 1080?

AMD and it’s new Radeon Vega line

John Knoll, co-developed Photoshop with his brother and later started Industrial Light and Magic which has produced such movies as The Abyss, Pirates of the Caribbean, Speed Racer, Avatar, Hugo and all the modern Star Wars movies among many others

Industrial Light and Magic (ILM)

Cost of a graphics cards

Apple stuns the world with the iMac Pro

Cost of iMac Pro is stunningly low

Apple’s 5k displays are getting ridiculous

Affinity Photo app

Affinity Photo demo

Cost of a last generation 8-core Xeon processor ranges from around $400 - $900

What is ECC RAM?

what is a teraflop?

22 Teraflops is 4x more powerful than the Xbox Microsoft has teased releasing sometime this year codenamed Scorpio

Microsoft Surface Studio

AppleCare+ for Mac

Macbook can now be configured with Intel’s i5 and i7 kaby lake chips

Are these processors custom Intel parts? I can’t find it listed anywhere

Kaby Lake

iOS memory management

16GB ram limit for Macbook Pros

Apple’s official dev kit for eGPU

The Talk Show goes live with Craig Federighi andPhil Schiller

HTC Vive

Final Cut Pro X

iOS 11 preview

New App Store design aesthetic

What is Aqua?

Here’s a terrific history on the evolution of the Mac’s user interface design

iTunes design evolution on the Mac

Apple Music design has set the standard we are now seeing everywhere

There are currently around 2.2 million apps available in the App Store

Netflix prediction algorithms are gaining notoriety

Netflix paralysis is being used to study human’s response to overwhelming options

What is dogfooding?

iMessage sync with iCloud and the new iMessage App drawer

Apple Pay with person to person payments in iOS 11

Square provides a fantastic user experience

Split view has been an option on the iPhone since the launch of iPhone 6 and iOS 9, provided you are not in zoomed mode

Control center is redesigned to one page and is now customizable

What is jailbreaking?

All about Notification Center

A nice comprehensive look at all the design changes in iOS 11

Airplay 2 and it’s support for multiple rooms

What is a QR code?

The iPhone camera app is now a basic QR code reader

When guests are attempting to join your wifi network, iOS 11 will prompt you to provide your wifi password

Apple adds indoor maps for airports and malls

Apple Maps gaining lane guidance and a specialized automatic Do Not Disturb Mode


Sherlocking is a reference to an Operating System (OS) taking a third party app’s functionality and making it part of the native system, thus destroying the app’s market viability, R.I.P Sherlock

1Password showing off their new iPad experience

iCloud keychain works within apps in iOS 11

OS level integration of Facebook and Twitter was introduced in iOS 6, now removed

What is iCloud keychain and how do I use it?

Two step verification with Apple, which is different from 2FA

What is Authty?

Hacking with fan noise

What is an air gapped computer?

The myth of security by obscurity

Music starts with workouts on watchOS 4

Apple and silence is a dangerous combo

This is the biggest you can see album art in iTunes 12

Lots of wasted space in Apple Music, look how small those navigation letters are!

New iPad Pro, including new 10.5” screen size

OG iPad

iPhone upgrade program

iPad Pro 12.9” offers 2732 x 2048 which is 5,595,136 at a density of 264 pixels per inch; the 15” MacBook Pro offers 2880 x 1800which is 5,184,000 pixels (about 2% more) with a density of 220 PPI

Understanding ProMotion and the variable refresh rate display

Battery testing difficulties

iPad Pro performance improvements

Previous gen iPad performance was already astounding

Apple launches ARKit, a tool to allow developers to make augmented reality apps

Microsoft HoloLens is available today, but as this picture shows the limitations are still severe

ARKit demos are already absolutely mind boggling, remember these are being made by people on their iPhones and iPads less than 4 days after the tool launched while all of these people have been busy at the conference it was announced at (i.e., no free time)

Understanding the new Depth API

Maui Jim sunglasses

Platforms State of the Union Keynote

ARKit supports all A9 and A10 devices

Palm rejection

This drag and drop demo from 3-5 minutes is absolutely stunning

What are permissions?

A10X SoC with 3x performance cores, 3x efficiency cores and a 12 core GPU

Apple announces the HomePod 

Apple Music


Spotify collaborative playlists

What is Chiptune?

Reviews of quality of sound for the HomePod are very positive

Ben Bajarin, Lucio butchers last names

HomePod spatial awareness

iPod HiFi

Lucio always assumes “late in the year” means the 2nd week in December, thus he is basically guaranteed to be correct or pleasantly surprised

Sonos Play 3

A8 processor in the HomePod, same as the current AppleTV

HomePod does have a display, and according to Neil Cybart it’s the whole top, not the Siri waveform

Magic Leap

Microsoft Satya Nadella, again, Lucio butchers last names

Lucio and Cillian have discussed in much further depth on the topics of AR/VR here and on AMD here and here

Thanks for listening! Lucio will be posting a written form of his WWDC impressions as soon as he can finish it.