What Offseason? 2016-17 NBA Wrap Up with Special Guest Jim Guido

Many thanks to my dad for joining me on this week's Pod to discuss the 2016-17 NBA season and start making some way to early predictions for the following year. This was recorded during the NBA awards ceremony on TNT. Also, Satchel Paige is too good to not be talked about in any conversation, no matter the topic.

Show Notes:

2017 NBA player awards

Will Markannen make it in the NBA?

Lauri Markannen discussion of his work 

Discussion of the height of baseball mounds and the effect on runs scored

ARKit demos and the future of coaching

Steph Curry and Kevin Durant are literally wearing out the nets

Klay’s Thompson’s shooting motion

Steph Curry shooting form

Kevin Durant’s shooting form

Nikola Jokić passing is out of this world

Dario Saric can pass ok

NPR interview about Satchel Paige including the bases loaded story

Basketball Reference 2016-2017 NBA team stats and individual leaders

Interesting look at Jordan’s weight lifting regiment

Ezekiel Elliott is proud of his body

Jerry West could so great, he’ll always shoot great

Bob Cousy: the first man to dazzle, also still can’t miss

Wilt Chamberlain - A perfect specimen, going at it vs Kareem Abdul Jabbar (referenced as Lou Alcindor)

Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the most underrated basketball player of all time

Issues with these fouls for going over a screen on a 3

Kawhi Leonard WCF injury

1985 Villanova’s perfect game to upset Georgetown

Rollerball reference, a single player gets bigger than the sport

Magic Johnson rips into D’Angelo Russell

Lonzo Ball can distribute the ball

D’Angelo Russell vs Nick Young

Check out South Park’s Sexual Healing to laugh about people being surprised that some rich men cheat on their wives

Knicks fire Phil Jackson (after this was recorded)

LeBron does not appreciate the word posse

Malcolm Brogdon is the rookie of the year

Devin Booker drops 70 points

NBA 2017 Rookie Sophomore stats, if you add Saric and Jokic shots up identical to Murray who won MVP

READ THIS: Incredible dive into Korver’s off season regimen (RIP Grantland, I miss you daily)

Kevin Durant is cold blooded

Cavs fire GM David Griffin

2017 NBA off season so far, you da real MVP (although so much for my dreams that the East would pull it together)

Shaq vs Scott Skiles: The Fight

G is for Gatorade

Lucio breaks down the Butler trade from Bulls side, and Timberwolves side