MMA Three-Way with Special Guests Andy Morse and Dallas Plevan

This week's episode of That Old Pod opens up new horizons, testing the waters with two special guests at once. Andy Morse and Dallas Plevan share their thoughts on UFC 213, the rise arts of the mixed martial variety, and a slew of other topics. Andy breaks new territory with a shocking Dave Chappell rumor.

Show Notes:

UFC Weight Classes and current title holders

UFC 213 

Robert Whittaker aka “Bobby Knuckles

Robert Whittaker claims interim middleweight over Yoel Romero, sets up challenge with current champion Michael Bisping

Alister Overeem defeats Fabrico Werdum in the heavyweight matchup, Overeem lost earlier this year to current heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic in a first round knockout

Curtis Blaydes wins in a unanimous decision against Daniel Omielanczuk in another heavyweight fight

Anthony Pettis had a solid win aganst Jim Miller in a lightweight fight after losing his featherweight title shot against Max Holloway

Rob Font chocked out Douglas Silva de Andrade in the bantamweight fight

Evan Reyes has been a special guest here before

Floyd Mayweather is a very successful boxer

Conor McGregor is the current feather belt holder in MMA

Mayweather vs McGregor 

Khabib Nurmagomedov wrestles a bear as a child, he is 24-0 in UFC, and currently the only fighter still undefeated with more than 15 fights

At the time of writing there are currently 17 undefeated fighters with at least 10 fights in UFC, 33 total

Analyst Patrick Wyman argues fighters see more ring action then before

Anderson Silva documentary Like Water released in 2011

Anderson Silva stuns Chael Sonnen by chocking him out in the 3rd minute of the 5th round while suffering from broken ribs in UFC 117

USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) was hired by the UFC, starting testing on July 1st of 2015 to increase legitimacy of the sport

Vitor Belfort famous before and after shot 

Message boards discussing the insanity that is UFC fighters wearing shoes

Timeline of major UFC rule changes

Vitor Belfort first fight before the more known UFC 15 vs Randy Couture 

TRT or testosterone replacement therapy was banned from the UFC in 2014

Hector Lombard tested positive for an anabolic steroid after his win in UFC 182 over Joshua Burkman, blames a mystery pill

John Jones car accident 

USADA bans use of IV to rehydrate in 2015

McGregor as a featherweight for UFC 194 vs Jose Aldo

1998 and MLB’s steroid fueled home run derby of a season

UFC does offer health insurance beginning in 2011, I can’t find anything about updates to the policy in the past 6 years

Amanda Nunes scratches from UFC 213 due to sickness but later Dana White revealed she was medically cleared to fight

WME Entertainment bought UFC for $4 billion in 2016

Zuffa buys Strikeforce in 2011

Zuffa purchased Pride Fighting Championships in 2007 for $70 million

Zuffa purchased UFC in 2001 for $2 million

Fighting for a Generation: 20 Years of the UFC and youtube stream

MMAAA has been largely unsuccessful

Details on Reebok sponsorship payouts which are costing fighters a lot of money

Fertitta brothers

The Professional Fighters League, formerly World Series of Fighting 

What is a wrestling jobber?

Bellator owned by Viacom 

Bellator CEO Scott Coker

Bellator one-night tournament 

Bobby Lashley 

Kimbo slice vs Data 5000 and the most pathetic knockout ever

Ken Shamrock

Dana White

Don King

Roger Goodell and South Park probably sums him up best, although John Oliver does a good job as well

David Stern

Rory MacDonald trained specifically in MMA 

Street Fighter

Robert Whittaker on his training

Jackson Winklejohn’s gym 

Conor McGregor’s movement coach, Ido Portal, Nick Diaz teases him

McGregor’s candle training video

McGregor training with a pool noodle, Nate Diaz still hates 

Mortal Kombat

Smash Brothers

Nintendo Wii

Super Smash Brothers Brawl for Wii

WCW Revenge was pretty sweet in 1998 

James Toney vs Randy Couture in UFC 118

McGregor KOs Jose Aldo in 18 seconds for featherweight belt in UFC 194

Mayweather vs Pacquiao 

Mayweather earnings compared to other athletes

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan Podcast

Fear Factor

Dave Chappelle skit

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock

Ronda Rousey was devastating

Holly Holm knocks out Rousey

Amanda Nunes finishes her

Edmond Tarverydyan, Ronda Rousey coach, skills highly suspect 

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure 


Speed 2: Cruise Control

UFC 214

Chandler Jones

Arthur Jones

Jon Jones hit and run involving a pregnant woman and his explanation

Robby Lawler 

Myles “The Cowboy” Merola

Daniel Cormier

Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin

TUF - The Ultimate Fighter

Forrest Griffin on Silva fight at book signing