The Unsettling of Mike Jones

Special thanks to Mike Jones for coming onto the show and bearing his soul. The discussion covers very intimate topics such as his experience as a Catholic and his appreciation for Libertarianism. We then get Mike’s list of top 5 favorite movies. 

Welcome to a very special version of That Old Pod. In some exciting news, popularity of the pod has grown to the point that I have too much going on to give a proper show notes to a topic this week. Yet simultaneously, many listeners have reached out and made it clear they are anxiously awaiting new content. If you’ve listened to the two previous podcasts with Mike Jones, you probably have been startled by the abrupt way they have ended. The truth is that Mike and I will just talk endlessly and the more we talk, the more engaged we become. This week’s pod is simply a portion of one of these unending conversations recorded. I can only hope that you all enjoy listening a fraction as much as I enjoy sharing thoughts with this man.

Next week we will get back to learning as Andy Morse and Dallas Pleven will join to give their insights and appreciating to the quickly growing sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Mike’s Top 5



No Country For Old Men

Tree of Life

Truman Show

Encounters at the End of the World

Lucio’s Top 5



2001 Space Oddessey


The Incredibles

Ex Machina