Loving It Till the End of College Football with Special Guest Matt Giles

It's mid-August which means if you're anything like Lucio, college football is dominating your thought process. Matt Giles, for one, feels the same, and so for this week he's on That Old Pod to tell you about it. The conversation discusses the culture associated with going to a school like Alabama or Ohio State, the beauty and history of the game, and our concerns that it's future is tenuous. We give some predictions for the 2017 season and get psyched for fall sports in general.

Show Notes:

Ray Rice was on the Rutger's Scarlet Knights in 2007

Vince Wilfork high school highlights.

Lucio was blaming the wrong affiliate, Fox dropped the streaming ball for the Super Bowl, not ESPN. 

Apologies for the bit of noise accompanying our voices in the show, it was extremely hot, and fans were necessary.