Procedures for Entering Enclosed Spaces with Special Guests Darius X and Flynn Bickley

This week's episode of That Old Pod is extremely exciting featuring Seattle artists Darius X and Flynn Bickley who join to discuss their upcoming exhibit at this year's Gender Odyssey conference: Procedures For Entering Enclosed Spaces: a love letter to the community. Our conversation uncovers how the collaboration began and their individual inspiration's behind the piece and how they've evolved as artists and people to get to this place. Conversation includes gender issues, the Seattle punk movement, Olympia's incredible transgendered community, international adoptions and even how faith and religion relate to these topics. Yes, there is no shortage of material this week, enjoy the show!

Show Notes:

Gender Odyssey

Be sure to check out Darius X and Flynn Bickley at their respective websites and follow them @nefariusd @flynnergy on Instagram

Promo video for the exhibit 

If you live near or around Seattle and have the time, you can see the exhibit for yourself Friday August 25, 2017 at the Washington State Convention Place Center 6th floor lobby from 6:00 to 7:30. (Add to Calendar) (Google Maps)

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Darius X - SquareCash: $DariusX or Venmo: @dariusXstudio

Flynn Bickley: Venmo: @Flynn-Bickley